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Summer is finally here, and as millions of people around the United States eagerly pack away their knit sweaters and cozy sweatpants in favor of t-shirts and shorts, you might be struck with a common dilemma — what should I do about my varicose veins?

It’s true — these newfound warm days tend to mean a lot more leg exposure, and for people with varicose or spider veins, that can mean feeling a little embarrassed as many new sets of eyes take notice of your leg veins. 

Before we cover how to hide varicose veins, we should note that having varicose veins is totally normal. In fact, varicose veins are said to be found in around 35% of Americans!

And while some vein issues can lead to further problems down the line, for the most part, your varicose veins will only be a slight visual abnormality and cause minor discomfort.

Still, spider veins and varicose veins tend to bother those who have them. They can burn, itch, bulge out from the skin, and much more.

As vein specialists practicing in the Wisconsin area, we know that the only true way to resolve vein problems is through treatment — but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few steps you can take to disguise your varicose veins. Here are the top five BEST ways to hide leg veins.

1. Makeup

Makeup isn’t only for the face! The world of body concealers is massive, and as spider veins are a common concern, there is almost surely a body concealer out there for your skin tone.

You may have to try a few brands to make sure you find the right color and feel for your skin, but once you do, you can easily blend your varicose vein area to your skin tone. Make sure to get a waterproof concealer so it stays consistent throughout the day and night.

2. Get a Tan

Tanning is dangerous, and we would strongly advise against going for the “natural” method of adding a little color to your skin. That said, an added sunny tone can do wonders for concealing varicose veins.

Instead of risking further skin problems by baking yourself in the sun, try using a self-tanning product. Carefully and consistently apply your self-tanner to your legs, making sure to get an even coat. You might also consider using a secondary device to help you apply the tanner so you don’t end up with orange hands, like a tanning mitt.

3. The Right Outfit

Molly from The Mom Edit noted in a blog post that there are plenty of summer outfits that work well for hiding leg veins. Palazzo pants and crop pants still give you that easy, breezy out-in-the-sun feeling while taking attention away from your spider or varicose veins. Additionally, she recommends adding Maxis, Midis and High-Lows to your wardrobe while maybe adding a few bright colors or prints into the mix to spice things up. 

For those who shy away from dresses and the like, consider some lightweight pants. Men’s Journal offers a whole spread of summer options, including some lighter cotton options and other pants specifically designed to wick away sweat. 

4. Compression Stockings

Compression stockings do more than just hide unsightly varicose veins — they also can improve your overall vein health. 

The most important thing here is making sure you buy compression stockings that fit; they should feel tight, but not restrictive. It’s best to make some measurements of your legs before committing to a pair of compression stockings.

You should primarily wear compression stockings during the day, taking them off at night. You should also make sure to replace them every three to six months as they tend to lose their efficacy with repeated washings and use.

5. Treatment

In the end, the only way to truly resolve vein issues is through treatment. While that might sound scary, treating varicose veins in the modern day is a night-and-day different experience than it was only a few years ago. 

Depending on the location and severity of your problem veins, treatment is a quick process with little downtime needed following the procedure — in fact, a majority of our patients can return to work the same day. 

If you are interested in seeking vein treatment, reach out to us to schedule an appointment or consultation.