Office Procedures

In Less Than An Hour


The patient first. That is our mission. We strive for patient satisfaction and excellence in results. Painful varicose and spider veins are treated medically at Vanish, but we don’t stop there. We know that the cosmetic appearance is important, too. We address those concerns and make sure you are happy with the results.

We are helping patients, doctors, and the community manage and view vein disease differently. The Vanish Experience is about educating and treating patients with vein or leg problems on the many advanced treatment options available today. All FDA-approved, minimally invasive treatments require no downtime and our performed in a comfortable medical office setting.

Vein treatments are often covered by health insurance because veins left untreated can lead to more severe disease.

Compression Stockings

We recommend that patients who suffer from spider veins, varicose veins, or venous insufficiency wear compression stockings during long periods of standing or traveling. Many insurance companies require a trial period before attempting corrective measures. You will be measured for medical grade stockings during your office visit and they can be purchased onsite.