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Your face is the first thing people see when they look at you. Because of this, blemishes can make a big dent in your self-esteem. While face veins may be embarrassing, there’s a simple answer when it comes to how to get rid of veins on the face: laser sclerotherapy. Laser sclerotherapy eliminates veins on the face by targeting heat to the area, forcing the vein to collapse. From there, the blood from the vein is redirected to surrounding veins. This makes for a safe, easy, and quick procedure with a fast recovery time. However, before you consider using laser sclerotherapy to remove veins from your face, there are some important details about both the procedure and face veins themselves that you should be aware of.  

What causes face veins?


Age is a primary factor; as people get older, it becomes more likely that they will start to show small veins on their face, especially around the nose. That said, capillaries can break at any age, though young people are generally more able to naturally repair said issues.  


Another key reason why one might develop facial veins has to do with lifestyle. Lack of exercise, smoking, insomnia, and high amounts of stress have all been linked to the development of face veins.  

Sun Exposure

Damage from free radicals, like the kind that comes from prolonged sun exposure, can increase one’s risk of face veins. Additionally, further damage brought about by free radicals can make one look older, which might make their face veins appear more pronounced.  

Other Factors

Skin issues such as eczema and rosacea irritate the face, which may increase the likelihood that face veins will make themselves more visible.  

How do I treat face veins?

While we recommend a range of vein treatments on a case-by-case basis, one option that offers incredible benefits with limited side effects is laser sclerotherapy. As we mentioned, laser sclerotherapy aims light energy at unsightly veins to bring about their collapse. Blood from that vein then moves to other areas. While the vein may still be visible for a period after laser sclerotherapy treatment, the body will soon recognize the collapsed vein as unnecessary, turn it into scar tissue, then eventually make it fade from sight.  Treatments like laser sclerotherapy have numerous advantages. They’re fast, they’re effective at reducing the appearance of veins, and they have a very fast recovery time. That’s one of the reasons sclerotherapy is offered not only a facial treatment, but as a treatment for other areas as well, such as the legs.  

Laser Sclerotherapy Recovery Time

The actual laser sclerotherapy can be completed in around half an hour. Recovery time depends on a lot of factors, but in general, people who undergo laser sclerotherapy can return to their normal routines the same day. That said, the actual appearance of the vein may not fade for some time. As the body must process the old scar tissue, it can take several weeks to over a month for the body to remove the now-unneeded vein from sight. In this period, the vein will slowly become less dramatic in both color and size before eventually fading completely. Doctors may recommend specific exercises or discourage patients from participating in certain activities to promote faster recovery. One of these discouraged behaviors is sun exposure, meaning that those who have recently undergone this treatment may be asked to wear a hat or use another form of sun protection in the days following treatment.  

Other Treatment Options

As is always the case with procedures like vein removal, this treatment may not be the right one for you. On our page detailing treatment options, we cover a broad spectrum of treatments commonly used by those interested in removing or dramatically reducing the appearance of veins. Some of these treatments include VenaSeal and endovenous thermal ablation, ambulatory phlebectomy, and more  


Laser sclerotherapy is an incredibly effective way to treat face veins — but it might not be for everyone. The only way to find out how to resolve your face veins issue is by contacting professionals like us.  To better allow you to get the information you need, we’ve developed a tool we’ve developed a free virtual vein consultation, which allows us to determine the best treatments to pursue for you. If you have any questions or would just like some more information, get in contact. We would respond to any issues you might have.