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Vein Treatments

At Vanish, we are the cosmetic vein experts. We’ve treated hundreds of patients and thousands of legs! Cosmetic spider vein treatments should only be done by a physician or nurse practitioner that specializes in vein treatment. We use multiple techniques to reduce or eliminate the appearance of spider veins, including injection sclerotherapy, laser sclerotherapy, and micro-surgical phlebectomy. Most patients benefit from a combination of techniques.

Injection sclerotherapy:

This treatment is the gold standard for treatment of spider veins. We only use FDA-approved medication called polidocanol or sotradecol as a liquid or foam into the vein. This requires no anesthesia and causes minimal discomfort. Most patients see results after a few sessions scheduled over the course of several weeks.

Laser sclerotherapy

This treatment is a good choice for facial veins and the tiny red veins on the legs that are too small for a sclerotherapy injection and is often used in combination with injection sclerotherapy. Treatments take about 20 minutes. Most patients see results after 2-3 treatments. Laser sclerotherapy is often a great way to touch up stubborn areas after injection sclerotherapy.

Surgical micro-phlebectomy

This is used for larger veins or clusters of spider veins typically show significant cosmetic improvement when used in conjunction with other treatments like injection or laser sclerotherapy.

Facial veins, cherry hemangiomas, & port wine stains

Veins on the face, rosacea and other vascular lesions like cherry hemangiomas and port wine stains are easily eliminated with laser treatment. Some patient see excellent results in just one session but, on average, requires two to three sessions for best results.

Varicose veins that cause painful symptoms may be a sign of underlying vein disease caused venous insufficiency. If you are unsure, call for a free consultation. Some vein treatments are covered by medical insurance.

Varicose & Spider Vein Treatments
Cosmetic Spider Vein Treatments
Cosmetic Spider Vein Treatments
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